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   Hip Hop Television For R Generation! Curb to the castle, the journey, every Hip Hop Mogul or wanna-be knows about this path all to well.  Ok...Are you ready? Strap on your seat belts, take one more sip, toss that bottle into the trash, take one more hit, oooooohhhhhh weeeeeee! (Snoop Doog Voice) now your riddin' shot gun as we take you from your hood to Hollywood.  Curb 2 Ca$tle is all about the music, the grind, the hustle, the struggle, the coulture, the movement, the realness, the mission to the top is now complete...We bubble! Don't hate, cause you too can have it all...just stop yo bullshittin' get cho shit right and do it! Curb 2 Ca$tle is Tru...Curb 2 Ca$tle is U!

   Curb 2 Ca$tle Records & Curb 2 Ca$tle Apparel, music and cloths two things we just can't live without. Without music life would be almost pointless. Without cloths well most of us would just look plain stupid. (accept for the strippers and a lot of these racthet ass groupies) But without further adoo we are here ta keeep u mutha fu%&az (ooops typo...mutha fuckas) entertained so kick back as we take over the minds hearts and souls of our new generation! Curb 2 Ca$tle TV...WERE HERE BITCHES!

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